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Church of Saint Odisho • كه‌نيسه‌ى كوندكر • كنيسة مار عوديشو

This ancient church in modern-day Gondik was left in ruins following the ethnic cleansing of the village, which saw the Christians replaced completely with Muslim Kurds in the 20th century. You can still explore the ruins and let your mind wander about what this gorgeous, fortress-like, stone-block structure must have meant to its eradicated flock. It is a beautiful testimony to a way of life that has largely been lost.

Though the monastery's original date of construction is unknown, it is mentioned in a Syriac manuscript dating to 1610. The monastery, with grottos dedicated to Ambusk and Mar Youhannan, was partially destroyed and fell into ruin following the opposition movement and civil wars from 1961 to 1963. ... According to villagers, the early monastery of Mar Quprios is also located in the vicinity, which is likely the case, since a monk by the name Cyprian, disciple of Narsai, is extensively mentioned by Thomas of Marga as living in the region and performing various deeds of note. Donabed 2010, p 104 - 105