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1949, A History of the Jews in Baghdad (Sassoon)

1949 Sassoon Baghdad Iraq Jews Rabbi History Eng VR יהודי בגדד עירק ששון

1949 Sassoon Baghdad Iraq Jews Rabbi History Eng VR

“A History of the Jews in Baghdad”
By David Solomon Sassoon
Printed in 1949 English text.
One of early and best primary account of Jews figure and culture
In Baghdad across the history.
By a member of Baghdad Jews community.
with index
History of ages of diaspora in Babylonian capital Baghdad.
Persons like: mizrahi family, issac pasha, the Neisim of Baghdad, Salem Masliah, Moses Benjamin, Sasson Shindook, Moses Haim, Saliman Mani, Joseff Haim, and more.
Synagogue, culture, literature m customs and much more.
Some photo illuminations.
A very rare copy.
Hard cover with dust jacket
Tight bound clean pages
few inner cover foxing
236 pages size: 6”-9”