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English: White

In line with the National Association of Black Journalists, the word White shall be capitalized, although this is not the AP norm, except when referring to individuals or countable units of individual people. According to the National Association of Black Journalists, whenever a color is used to appropriately describe race then it should be capitalized, including White and Brown.

  • Acceptable examples

    • "We see that White supremacism influences American politics."

    • "There are many whites who reject White supremacism.

  • Unacceptable examples

    • "There are trends of white supremacism and extremism."

    • "We must see that White people take a stand.

  • Further sources

English: Jews from Kurdistan

The established term is "Jews from Kurdistan" when referring to this population. However, "Kurdish Jews" may be used for the sake of clarity in a wordy sentence.

English: Kurdish Jews

English: Kurdistan Region

For clarity, is important to refer to the Kurdistan Region.

English: Kurdish-majority areas

English: Ezidi

The preferred spelling is "Ezidi" when referring to Ezidis.

English: Assyrian

The preferred term is "Assyrian" to refer to people, and to the language spoken to this people. Regarding language, the terms "Sureth" or "Neo-Aramaic" may be used when specificity is necessary, such as when introducing the community. The Assyrian Church of the East, Syriac Orthodox Church, Syriac Catholic Church, and Chaldean Catholic churches are religious communities with their own liturgical differences and some differences in identity, as well.