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Bamerme cave • قلعة البامرمه

Jews gathered in this cave after dinner at the end of each month for a community discussion.

Gentiles were curious what the Jews were talking about, and eventually the gentile Kurdish elders asked, to which they were told by their Jewish neighbors: a regular topic of our discussion is how to secure our rights in Iraq.


A cave in Bamarne, located approximately 15 miles from the Turkish border, once belonged to the Jews who lived there between 1940 and 1950, and served as a place for friends to gather at the end of every month for post dinner discussions. The non Jewish Kurdish people in Bamarne were curious about these meetings, but did not know the topics of discussions, just that discussions occured. When asked, by the Kurdish elders, the local Jews are said to have claimed that a regular topic was how they could secure their rights in Iraq. Learn more about Barmane at: