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Type: Regions
Subpages (4)

Binaslawa • بنەسڵاوە • Binesławe • بنصلاوة

Daratu (Erbil Plains) • دارەتوو • Daretû • دارتو

Kasnazan • کەسنەزان • Kesnezan • كسنزان

Qushtapa • قوشتەپە • Quştepe • قشتابة

Erbil Plains • دەشتی هەولێر • Deştê Hewlêr • سهل أربيل

Located to the east of Erbil city, this district consists of three sub-districts: Daratu, Qushtapa, Kasnazan, and the center at Banaslawa. It is distributed among 37 quarters and 142 villages. It will likely be absorbed into Erbil as the city expands over the coming years. Banaslawa was a small village but in the 1980s became a collective town to resettle forcibly displaced people from Kirkuk and Erbil. Kurdistan invested into its development in the 1990s by making it it a subdistrict of Erbil district, then later the center of its own district.