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Passover Haggadah

  • Step 1: קדש kadeish
    Conducting the blessing over wine.

    • If Passover falls on a Saturday night, conduct Havdalah first, then recite Kiddush for Pesach on a Saturday night.

    • If Passover falls on a Friday night, recite Kiddush for Pesach Shabbat.

    • Kiddush for all other nights.

  • Step 2: ורחץ urchatz
    Washing the hands for the seder.

  • Step 3: כרפס karpas
    Dipping a green vegetable in salt water.

  • Step 4: יחץ yachatz
    Breaking the middle matzah.

  • Step 5: מגיד magid
    Telling the story of Passover.

  • Step 6: רחצה rachtza
    Washing the hands before a meal.

  • Step 7: מוציא מצה motzei matzah
    Conducting the blessing for a meal.

  • Step 8: מרור maror
    Dipping bitter herb in sweet charoset.

  • Step 9: כורך koreich
    Eating a sandwich with bitter herbs.

  • Step 10: שלחן עורך shulchan aruch
    Eating the meal.

  • Step 11: צפון tzafun
    Finding and eating the afikomen.

  • Step 12: ברך bareich
    Conducting the blessing after a meal.

  • Step 13: הלל hallel
    Singing songs that praise G-d.

  • Step 14: נרצה nirtzah
    The seder was acceptable and is concluded.