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Choman (subdistrict) • چۆمان • جومان • Çoman

Choman is in the northeast of Arbil Governorate and has four subdistricts: Galalh, Haji omran, Similan and Qasre, and 116 villages. It borders Iran. Cleared in 1983 from the population after the fire touched Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) ,and has been rebuilding in 1991 after the liberation of the area during the uprising in March of that year. The natural forests covering mountains and jungles abound and where the natural vegetation. Now it serves as the center of Balak, famous for its schools of religious and scholars.

حاجي عمران Haji Omaran

Haji Omaran is at an altitude of 1900m.

ضريح شيخ بالك Sheikh Balk Shrine
The 17th century Sheikh was known for his faith and introduced the Al Sehrudia doctrine to Islam. The Sheikh impact continues to this day through his thousands of followers who regularly visit the shrine.

مياه شيخ بالك المعدنية
Sheikh Balak spring

تاڤگەی وێڵزی Tavgai Welzi (Walze Waterfall)
Located southeast of the Choman district, c 3km from the Qasre sub-district.

شلال كاني بستة‌ Shlal Kani Bsta (Bsta waterfall)
Just 3 Km from Bsta village.

المحمية الطبيعية وقمة جبل هلكورد
Halgurd-Sakran National Park

جبل هلكورد (Halgurd Mountain)
Halgurd is the highest mountain in Iraq, with an altitude of 3,609 m. It is fully covered in snow until the months of April and you can still find piles of snow throughout the summer. There are many springs and lakes that define the region, which gives a very attractive and relaxing feel to the area. It is also a center for birdwatching, botany, and medicinal herbs.

كهف من ثلج و شلال برزة
Barza Snowcave and Waterfall
The Barza cave was used by prehistoric peoples as homes and later provided refuge for Kurdish freedom fighters during their fight against military forces.

وادي سكرانSakran Valley
Sakran Valley is a lush, green valley surrounded by trees, flowers, creeks and birds. High up in the mountain, a traditional village offers visitors a chance to experience Kurdish hospitality and see how rural families live.

قلعة روست Rost Citadel
Rost Citadel is located in Rosti village, east of Halgurd. Built at the top of the mountain, the citadel is one of the most important archaeological sites in the area.

وادي روست (Rost Valley)
Rost Valley is located at the foot of Halgurd Mountain near Sirin village, on the highway between Soran and Choman.

سه‌يرانگاى خۆشكانمتنزه خوشكان
Khoshkan Recreation Ground
Khoshkan Summer Resort is in the Choman District along the road to Kuhe Haji Ebrahim. The Mustafa Agha Bridge is on the road to this high altitude village.