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Makhmur (district) • مەخمور • مخمور • Mexmûr

Sometimes translated as Maxmwr, مه‌خموور Makhmoor is located in the South of Arbil province. It is consists of three sub-district (Qaraj, Gouer , Debaga) in addition to the 210 villeges which destroyed during the Anfal campaigns and carried out by the authorities of Saddam .

Surrounds the District, of the west and northwest, Great Zab river, which separates it from the province of Nainawa, and is bordered to the east and south -eastern province of Kirkuk and Salahuddin province to the south. Mount Qarachoog is located in the middle of its land and the north-east of its center . Lands of this District is high fertility and most suitable for the production of cereals , especially wheat and barley.Under Construction.

It became the follower of Erbil,was starting in 1927. In addition to its wealth of agricultural and animal has drunk a great oil wealth , especially in Debaga and Qaraj sub-district , and where the pump station Khoormela oil from Kirkuk to the Turkish port of Chihan .It has always been the area of human settlements throughout the ages and witness the effects of the many archaeological sites in the area.It had been deducted during the Iraqi government in 1996 and joined to Nianawa province under a policy of Arabization pursued by authorities that Saddam wanted to change the character of the population and the Kurdish scanning features.