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Margaret Clancy

Margaret Clancy's parents

We do not know for sure yet Margaret Clancy's parents, but we do know that she had a brother named James Allen,

  • Sibling of Frank Allen or Julia Ann McCarty

    • It seems likely that James and Margaret's father was a brother of Frank Allen, as they had the Allen name. However, it is mentioned that Margaret's aunt was Julia. It is possible their mother or father was a sibling of Julia, who later named an Allen.

    • James Allen (some connection to Forestville)

    • Margaret (sometimes a.k.a. Julia) Dailey; born c 1860 to 1887, based on birth of son; deceased

      • Married to Mr. Clancy; deceased ~

      • John Clancy; born ; deceased ?

        • , he was living with the Potters in Pittsfield

        • Married: Estelle

        • Son: Everett Eugene Clancy

    • Michael Dailey

Julia and Frank

We have Margaret Clancy's aunt's family tree mapped with more certainty,

  • Julia Ann McCarty; born in Canaan; deceased

    • Married to Frank Henry Allen (c 1867-1870, Mill River - 1941 Oct, Pittsfield)

      • Frank Henry Allen was son of James Allen and Jane Crine Allen.

    • Married to a John Riley?

      • It is also possible that, based on Margaret and Frank's marriage certificate, Margaret's father was a man named John Riley, and the Allen marriage came later.

    • Julia had three children.

    • Margaret A (presumably "A" was for Margaret Allen) (c 1880 - 1945)

      • Married to Frank Potter (c 1880 - ?), who outlived her.

      • She was named Margaret M. Riley when they married.

      • I think they were childless. They raised John Clancy maybe and Clifford Allen maybe.

    • Daughter, married to P W Richmond (Percy W Richmond?) (Clara? Later remarried to Mr. Cook?)

      • Edward Richmond, lived in Pittsfield

      • Lived in Meriden, Conn in 1941

    • Clifford E. Allen

      • Son named Clifford Allen?

      • Lived in Pittsfield in 1941


(From Saturday's Eagle)

Mrs. Frank Potter

Mrs. Margaret A. Potter, 64, wife of Frank Potter, of 15 Ventura Avenue, died last night at her home after a lingering illness.

Born in Canaan, Conn., she had lived in Pittsfield 45 years and was a communicant of Sacred Heart Church. Surviving are her husband, one brother, Clifford Allen of Pittsfield; one sister, Mrs. Clara Cook of Hartford, Conn., and a nephew, Edward Richmond of this city.

The funeral will be Tuesday morning at the home followed at Sacred Heart Church with a high mass. Burial will be in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Canaan, Conn.

James J. Devanny & Son, funeral directors, are in charge.

, The Berkshire County Eagle, Pittsfield, MA

, The Berkshire County Eagle, Pittsfield, MA

  • Frank Allen

    • Margaret Allen, born ~1881 in Canaan, moves ~ to Pittsfield

    • Clifford Allen, moved to Pittsfield

    • Mrs. Clara Cook of Hartford, Conn.

Frank Allen or his wife have a sibling who was the parent of Margaret Clancy.


The funeral of Mrs. Julia Clancy of Patterson, N. J., was held yesterday morning at St. Matthew’s Church at 9 o’clock. A high mass was celebrated by Rev. J. Kilcoyne of the Church of Our Lady of Mercy of Plainville. Burial was in the Plainville Cemetery.

, Hartford Courant (Hartford, CT)


From Friday's Eagle

It has developed that the Mrs. Clancy, who was found dead on the railroad tracks in Paterson, N.J., recently, was Mrs. Margaret Clancy, formerly of this city. Mrs. Clancy came to Pittsfield from New York city eight months ago and worked in the Kennedy MacInnes restaurant for a time. She has an aunt, Mrs. Frank Allen, and two cousins, Mrs. Frank Potter of Ventura avenue and Mrs. Perry W. Richmond of Longview terrace, in this city. Her son, John Clancy, 10 years of age, is now with Mrs. Potter.

Twelve weeks ago Mrs. Clancy injured her hip and she left for New York for treatment in the Bellevue hospital. After being treated in New York she went to Paterson, N.J., where she had employment in a factory. Her local relatives have been unable to learn yet how the accident occurred, other than that Mrs. Clancy was killed by a train.

James Allen of Springfield, a brother of Mrs. Clancy, left this morning for Paterson and he will bring the remains to Forestville, Conn., where burial will be. Mary Lee, whose name was signed to the letter found on Mrs. Clancy, is employed at Morgan House in Lee.

, The Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, MA)

, The Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, MA)

From this we extract that,

  • John Clancy was born around 1904.

    • He went to live with Mrs. Frank Potter after his mother died.

  • Margaret died 1926 in Paterson, New Jersey.

  • Margaret has a brother James Allen.

  • Margaret was from Forestville, Connecticut.

  • Margaret has an aunt, who was married to Frank Allen.

    • Margaret has two cousins, one married to Frank Potter (of Ventura Ave), and one married to Perry W. Richmond (of Longview Ter).

    • Presumably, these two cousins are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen.


(Special to The Courant.)

Briston, Aug. 20.

While attempting to get over a railroad crossing in Paterson, N. J., this morning, Mrs. Julia Clancy, formerly Miss Julia Dailey of Center street, Forestville, Conn., was struck by a train and instantly killed. Word of the accident was received tonight by her brother, Michael Dailey of Bristol. There are three more brothers. The body will be bought to this city tomorrow. The funeral arrangements will be in charge of Thomas P. O’Brien.

, Hartford Courant (Hartford, CT)

The killing of a woman on the Clay street crossing, known as death curve, on Wednesday, again brings forcibly to the public mind that grade crossing will have to go, the sooner the better. It is said the gates were up and the woman unconsciously walked right into the trap. Whether they were or not, the woman lost her life and this added one more victim to the long list already recorded. This list indicates that there is no excuse for putting off the day when tracks throughout this city shall be above or below grade. The shame of it is that the railroad companies will continue to put off, year after year, the making of the change. A persistent campaign has been waged by the city to carry out this reform, without result. Fatal accidents are occurring continually. At various times within the past year, as confess their willful neglect. [Short sentence?] The railroad companies have promised to consider the matter. With public sentiment more insistent that precautions be taken to safeguard human life, the railroads have merely renewed their promises.

The number of fatalities do not diminish, they increase. And when they set forth that the cost of the improvement will be very great, they confess their willful neglect. The railroad companies must be made to take the necessary precautions to safeguard human life and that within the near future.

, The Morning Call (Paterson, NJ)


Mark A. O'Brien, a Paterson, N.J., undertaker, has asked the local police to assist him in locating relatives of a Mrs. Clancy who was found dead on the railroad tracks in Paterson this week. On her person was a letter written on Hotel Wendell stationery and signed by Mary Lee. Inspector McColgan is endeavoring to secure some information bearing on the case this afternoon.

There has been no Mary Lee registered at the Hotel Wendell in the past few weeks and it is possible the letter was written by some tourist who dropped into the hotel for a few minutes to use the writing room.

, The Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, MA)


With Gates Up Woman Starts Over Dangerous Crossing.


Identified by Pay Envelope — Bystanders Place Blame on Gate Keeper — Died at Hospital.

The death curve at the Clay street crossing of the Erie railroad claimed another victim last night, when Mrs. Julia Clancey, of 203 Ellison street, was struck and killed by an Erie train.

According to the best information gained last night by Detective Moore and Captain McBride, the woman approached the crossing shortly before the eastbound 10 o’clock train arrived. Seeing that the gates were up, according to the statements of bystanders, she supposed that everything was all right. The part way over the crossing the train struck and threw her to one side after her legs had been cut off above the knees.

Patrolman Thomas Lyons summoned an ambulance from St. Joseph’s hospital, at which institution the woman died early this morning.

Mrs. Clancey came to this city several months ago from Pittsfield, Mass., where her husband died five years since.

She was identified by her pay envelope.

, The Morning Call (Paterson, NJ)

From this clip we learn the tragic circumstances of Margaret's death' that she went sometimes by Julia; that she was a widow; and that Mr. Clancy died around 1909.


Mrs. Julia Allen, aged 58 years of Canaan, Conn., died yesterday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Potter of 15 Ventura avenue. She is survived by a son, Clifford Allen, and two daughters, Mrs. P. W. Richmond and Mrs. Frank Potter.

The body will be taken to Canaan, Conn., on Monday morning and the funeral services and burial will be held in that town.

, The Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, MA)

From this, we know,

  • Julia Allen was born in Canaan, Conn. in 1856

    • Clifford Allen, son

    • Mrs. P. W. Richmond, daughter.

    • Mrs. Frank Potter, daughter.

Perry W. Richmond

Word has been received of the death of Perry W. Richmond of Potter Hill, N. Y., a brother of the late Albert E. Richmond of this city. The funeral will be held Saturday, and a number of relatives from here will attend. He was an uncle of C. W. Richmond, W. W. Richmond, Miss Grace Richmond, and W. I. Baucus of this city, Mr. Richmond was 78 years old, and was well known in this region.

, North Adams Transcript (North Adams, MA)

A possibly related Clancy (in-law of Margaret) in Pittsfield,

A John Clancy, some sort of tree warden, botanist, or plant enthusiast,

A Margaret Allen from Hartford with a son named James, maybe Margaret Clancy was named after her mother,

In 1920, Frank Potter of Cambridge sentenced to life in prison,

Frank Potter

In 1958, a 77 year old Frank G Potter of Ventura avenue had a car accident,

In 1957, a fire at 15 Ventura avenue at home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank G Potter,

In 1955, a mention of Frank Potter at Ventura ave,

1946, mention of Frank P Potter at 15 Ventura ave,

1947, Frank Potter mention,

1948, Estelle Putnam at Potter home at 15 Ventura ave,

1949, Frank G Potter at address,

1935 flooding,

1939, flooding and photo of house,

1939, mention,

1928, suspended license,

1928, woman found dead,

1927, suspended license,

1927, license,

1922, license,

1925, chickens stolen,

Berkshire Eagle
Pittsfield, MA
1910 Apr 02

[Building permits...]

Frank C. Potter, single house, Ventura avenue, $2600.

1918, a James W Allen dies,

1921, a Mrs. James Allen in Springfield, sister of Mrs. Fannie M. Strickland who passed away in Lee/Pittsfield area,

1925, a James Allen has a granddaughter,

1920, mention of an Allen in Forestville,

In Forestville,

  • Mrs. Angeline Wright Allen (1834 Jan 14 - 1911 Nov), widow of Henry Allen

    • Lyman Allen

    • Mrs. C C Slate, of New Britain

    • Mrs. A. B. Ackerman

Potentially Lyman Allen is a father of Margaret and James. Just a thought.

1920, mention of an Allen from Forestville,

Marion Allen of Forestville,

Hartford Courant
Hartford, CT
1929 Aug 07

A prominent member of society,

  • Captain William E. Allen (1849 Apr 05, New Britain - 1929 Aug 07, New Britain)

    • Married to Mary J. Brown

    • Henry W. Allen in Hartford

    • Frank N. Allen in Bridgeport

    • Eugene S. Allen in Forestville

    • Edward O. Eaton in New Britain

    • William E. Allen in New Britain

    • Mrs. Grace M. Harrison

    • Mrs. Gertrude R. Twiss

    • Mrs. Evelyn S. Knaus

He had seven grandchildren.

Perhaps William E. Allen is our connection to James and Margaret.

1939 mention of James Allen in Pittsfield,

1927 mention of Frank Allen,

1910 census of North Canaan, CT

Frank Allen born ~1870. He was from MA and both parents were from MA.
Julia M born ~1859. She was from CT and both parents were from CT. She had three children, three surviving.

1880 census of New Britain, CT, which is just next door to Forestville, CT



Relationship to head

Place of birth

Father's POB

Mother's POB

John Allen






Ellen Allen






Mary Allen






John Allen






Robert Allen






Bernard Allen






Margaret Allen






James Allen






Jane Allen


9/12 (born Sept 1879)




1905, a Margaret Allen born c 1877 was a servant in NYC,

1920 census in Pittsfield,



Relationship to head

Place of birth

Father's POB

Mother's POB

Frank G. Botter



New York

New York

New York

Margaret Botter






John Clancy



Rhode Island

New York


We can be certain who are his parents, which will allow us to find his siblings, one of whom is the father of James and Margaret.

Berkshire County Eagle
Pittsfield, MA
1941 Oct 22

Father of Pittsfield Man Dies Suddenly

ASHLEY FALLS — Frank Henry Allen, 71, a life long resident of this village died suddenly of a heart attack on Twin Lakes Road yesterday after he was stricken while seeking a water supply for a house on which he had been working. He had traveled into the hills in his quest.

The body was viewed by Dr. Joseph C. Sellew and later taken to the Birches Funeral Home in Great Barrington. The funeral will be held there at 11 tomorrow morning with Rev. Lee Ashton of the Great Barrington Methodist Church officiating. Burial will be in Sackett Cemetery.

Mr. Allen was born in Miller River the son of James and Jane Crine Allen. He married Julia Ann McCarty of Canaan. By occupation he was a stone mason. A son, Clifford E. Allen of Pittsfield, and a daughter, Mrs. Clara Cook of Meridan, Conn., survive.

DOB: July 31st 1870
Name: Frank Henry Allen
Gender: Male
Place of birth: Sheffield
Parents: James and Mary (Crine)
Residence of parents: New Marlboro
Father's POB: Sheffield
Mother's POB: New Marlboro

I found several records of a family in Ware, MA, area with a Julia McCarthy, but she passed away young and single in 1884 and so cannot be the correct one,

  • John McCarty (c 1833, Ireland - ?) and Margaret McCarty (c 1833, Ireland - ?)

    • Julia McCarty (c 1854, CT - 1884 Nov 05, Ware)

    • Dennis McCarty (c 1857, MA - ?)

    • Carrie McCarty (c 1860, MA - ?)

    • Teddie (Jedda?) McCarty (c 1860, MA ?)

    • Patrick McCarty (c 1862 , MA- ?)

    • Hannah (Hannah) McCarty (c 1865 , MA- ?)

    • Kate McCarty (c 1868, MA - ?)

    • Mary McCarty (c 1870, MA - ?)

    • John McCarty (c 1873, MA - ?)

    • Nellie McCarty (c 1875, MA - ?)

Marriages registered June 5, 1906 in Pittsfield. It was the first marriage for both of them. Frank was a St. Rwy. Conductor (Standard Railway?).




Place of birth



Frank Grosvenor Potter


410 East St, Pittsfield

South Dover, NY

John C.

Minnie Wood

Margaret M. Riley


19 Lincoln St, Pittsfield

Canaan, CT


Julia McCarty

They were married by James Boyle, the priest of St. Joseph's Catholic church at the time.

1946, Clara Cook injured in Pittsfield,

1947, Clara Cook injured in Pittsfield,

It's possible that this Margaret born 1861 Apr 09 in Hartford, CT may be Margaret Clancy, but it seems unlikely,

Father: John Riley (age 44 in 1861)
Mother: John Riley (age 37 in 1861)

Clifford Allen of Springfield, born around 1901 to 1903,