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Shaqlawa (district) • شەقڵاوە • شقلاوة • Şeqławe / Şeqlawe

Shaqlawa was an Ottoman sub-district, and in it became a district. It is known for its clean air, milder heat and very cold, rainy and snowy winter.

The time will doubtless come when somewhere in these highlands we shall have summer hill-stations, so that the families of officials in Mesopotamia may escape the insufferable heat of the plains. I do not think a pleasanter spot could be found than somewhere in the neighbourhood of Shaqlawa or Hiran, both northward-facing and lying in the country of the Khoshnao Kurds. Shaqlawa is also fairly accessible from Erbil, and the Kurds are less unreliable than unusual. The villages Shaqlawa, Hiran, Nazanin, already have extensive poplar plantations. In winter every year snow falls on the Shakh-i-Sefin and to the north of it. Mason 1919, p 341; edited for brevity


Gunner's Tales
Robert Davy's war diary: excellent insight into the region around 1943.

Amazing info on Christianity in Ankawa and beyond.,36256.html

Reginald Charles Gore

Remarkable insight into WWII Kurdistan, especially Harir, Diana, Mustafa Barzani, by a British author who later named his daughter Diana after the village where he was stationed.

Personal page about Shaqlawa.

Mason 1919

Mason, Kenneth. 1919. Central Kurdistan, The Geographical Journal, Vol LIV No 6.