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Hassan Saleh Mohamad • حه‌سه‌ن ساڵح محمد • Hêsên Sałiḧ Miḧemed

Education: Finished high school, then competed a course to become a teacher

Political affiliation: Change

Committee membership: Women rights committee

Previous jobs

1- Became a teacher in the year 1998

2- In charge of the PUK council (comita)

3- In charge of chwarqrna district for Change

Address: chwarqrna


ئاستى خوێندن وپسپۆڕى بواره‌كه‌ى: ده‌رچووی ئاماده‌یی و به‌شداربوو له‌خولێكی ئاماده‌كردنی مامۆستا

ئه‌ندامیه‌تى له‌ لیژنه‌كان:

- لیژنه‌ی كشتوكاڵ

- لیژنه‌ی به‌رگری له‌مافی ئافره‌ت

لایه‌نى سیاسى: گۆڕان