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The priest from Deirra, a Nestorian village, one hour distant [from Amedi], calls to see us, population fifty. Six can read, have the Bible in the church, and have Testaments in the village; wishes all to have the Testament. He preaches when they have the sacrament, twenty or thirty times a year. He preaches repentance, has a congregation of forty; has prayers every day, morning and evening, and two services on Sunday. Prime 1859, p 274; 22 November 1856

The priest, on horseback, and a number of his people come out to meet us [outside Amedi], and escort us to their village. We climb a steep hill and then come down to Dare, a beautiful little village under the high mountain rock. A purse spring of water gushes out and flows down the valley. Trees and fertile gardens with nuts, pomegranates, figs, and grapes are in front. We visit the church, a large stone building with three arched rooms. ... There are no pictures in the church but a small cross, which they say they kiss from love to Christ. ... They have cotton, nuts, onions, and various fruit offerings given to support the church. We send to call the people, and they assemble, old men, women, and children, priest and deacon, thirty in number. Prime 1859, p 274-275; 23 November 1856

We sit out with them in the open air, they gather around on their knees in a circle, and say they will put a chain upon us to keep us long with them. The summer retreat of the Mosul missionaries is here. Prime 1859, p 275; 23 November 1856


Prime, 1859
Prime, Samuel Irenaeus. 1859. The Bible in the Levant: Life and Letters of the Rev. C. N. Righter, Agent f the American Bible Society in the Levant.