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Khaltan tribe of Ezidis • عشيرة خالتان اليزيديين

Many people know about the Khaltan tribe on account of Mizke Zaza, who was king of the Khaltan tribe. The Khaltan (خالتان) tribe has six clans,

  • Khaltan

    • Qazela

    • Khendaqi

    • Azargani

    • Abka

    • Naqibi

    • Al-Qonisi

There are approximately 5 mukhtars but only these two have stamps,

  • Mukhtar Hachim Garez Khalif Domo (حاجم كارس خلف دومو), in Gil Zerik, of Qazela clan, Mizkezi family

  • Mukhtar Jundi Rasho, in Rambusi village

Khaltan origins

The Khaltan tribe originated in Turkey, but a genocide took place like the one in Shingal. Genghis Khan was the leader of the Kurdish area. The Kurdish people wanted their own nation, and they were granted this on the condition they could exterminate the Ezidis. Ahmed Ekhane was a leader of the Kurdish and was allied with Genghis Khan. When the genocide began — with its captures, depopulations, and massacres — they returned to Ottomans to obtain their country. Many Ezidi women — hundreds at a time — were drowning themselves to resist capture by Ottomans. However, the Ottomans betrayed them and did not grant them a country.


Interview with Hachim Garez Khalif Domo on July 5th, 2019