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APDEM808 Capstone project


Tribes and clans,

Genealogical Proof Standard,

Could there be cooperation with Genealogy?

How can I approach the static experience of a research paper, with the more dynamic experiences of a database of material supporting that paper? Conventionally, that would be with a public use file. However, I want people to be able to go from the paper, to articles about each shrine with photos and a few details.

I started incorporating my database into my citations. For example, I cited a book, and because I've been digitizing the data tables in that book, I added "Accessed from..." and linked to my own database. But that does not quite feel right. How can I improve that?

Do you think that with some more work, I could also somehow publish the final report about Iraqi statistics? I would really like people searching on this topic to find my report, which goes over the available statistics as well as the history behind them. I think it would just need more development to include the UN-sponsored surveys, and ideally receiving responses from some relevant officials.

Is there a particular word or something I can read, about the role of research in building bridges? I want the research on Ezidis and Lalish to reach new audiences, new scholars, new academics, who are not familiar with Ezidi topics. Can this relate to the aspect of having the research paper, but also having a website that supports the research paper?