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1910s, two photos of boats

There are two photos, which the seller attributed to World War I.



Tigris scene

The photo shows a view from a boat, looking out to the Tigris with sailboats in the distance and some buildings beyond them. The photographer seems to be on a more advanced boat, looking at the idyllic sailors and view.

The photo is captioned Tigris River and River scene Tigris on the back, in pencil.

Guffa scene

A guffa boat is being parked at the riverbank. The boat has six passengers, three of whom look very at ease and comfortable. They appear to be pulled along by a gentleman on land, while another man uses a stick to push the boat away from hitting the bank. A date palm forest is in the distance. A large steamship, possibly a passenger ship, floats in background with smoke rising.

On the back, in pencil, the photo is captioned Arab Ferry Boat Baghdad and This photo gives one a good idea of an Arab Gooffa or small round boat.Taken on Tigris near Baghdad.