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Central Statistical Organization (CSO) of Iraq

The Central Statistics Organization (CSO)

There are thirteen technical departments (technical directorates) at the CSO,

  • Agricultural Statistics

  • Industrial Statistics

  • Building & Construction Statistics

  • Trade Statistics

  • Transport & Communications Statistics

  • Educational & Social Statistics

  • Population & Manpower Statistics

  • National Accounts

  • Living Conditions Statistics

  • Environmental Statistics

  • Index Numbers

  • Human Development Statistics



Agricultural Statistics Directorate

The Agricultural Statistics Directorate carries out periodic surveys to estimate cultivated area, the average of productivity all of agricultural crops according to seasonal and geographical distribution, and the means of irrigation in accordance with the parties of implementation, In addition to areas of orchards and numbers of trees with its productivity according to types of fruits. It estimates numbers of the livestock and its products, fish farms and agricultural mechanization, also calculates field prices of agricultural products, the preparation of water resources indicators, survey poultry and livestock projects, in addition to the Directorate in 2001 achieved the comprehensive agricultural census that carries out every ten years in accordance with international recommendations.

Industrial Statistics Directorate

The Industrial Statistics Directorate provides data on industrial activities in Iraq, which includes annually data on large, medium and small industrial establishments; it also provides annually data on water and electricity activities. It carries out some periodic surveys such as surveys of household and rural industries which was implemented for the first time in 1979/1980 and carried out again in 1989. Through the mentioned surveys and statistics has been provided indicators on the value and quantity of production, production requirements, capital and the number of workers and their wages in addition to other economic financial indicators. The Directorate carried a comprehensive industrial survey in the fourth quarter in 2001, and then carried out a survey of mining and quarrying for the private sector in 2003, as well as the surveying of productive capacities for the year 2004 and issuance of quarterly industrial indicators for the year 2004.

Building & Construction Statistics Directorate

The Building & Construction Statistics Directorate prepares a statistics data about building and construction activity in the country through the implementation of the following periodic statistics:

  • Buildings and construction of public sector.

  • Building and construction contracts that are allocated from public sector institutions.

  • Statistics numbers of building permits issued for new construction and building repair for private sector.

  • Statistics of private sector buildings.

  • Statistics of Arabic and Foreign investments projects.

These statistics provide indicators, the most prominent one is the number of employees according to their skills and wages that paid to them, the quantity of construction materials that have been used and its value, numbers of buildings that used and the number of buildings and construction projects that have been completed already through the year as economic sectors and other important indicators, it also implements the periodic surveys about the activity of building and construction sector.

Trade Statistics Directorate

The Trade Statistics Directorate provides statistics data about Iraqi external and internal trade and the tourism. In the external trade field, it collects and classifies data of exports; imports and the transit through customs data statements which are sent to CSO from Iraqi customs directorates, it prepares and publishes classified reports according to international recommendations in this matter, while in the internal trade, the directorate interests is divided into three domains:

  • Internal trade of public sector.

  • Internal trade of private sector.

  • Internal trade for mixed sector (cooperative consumption societies)

The data of public and mixed sectors has been collected annually while the private sector subjected to periodic surveys. The directorate also provides annual data about hotels and tourist resorts.

Transport & Communications Statistics Directorate

This Directorate provides statistical data about ground, air and water transportation in its two branches (goods and passengers), besides the providing of data about numbers and specification of vehicles in public, private and mix sectors, the cost of operating productive trucks in private sector, also data of goods transport activity by vehicles of states entities as well as public and private sectors vehicles, the activity of post, telegraph and telephone sector, Internet cafes, tourism and travel companies Activity, In addition to providing comprehensive and detailed annual statistical data about traffic accidents have been registered with the police stations.

Educational & Social Statistics Directorate

This Directorate provides periodically educational and social statistics for its various sides such as health, social care, and social reform. It also covers the educational statistics for each level beginning with the kindergartens ending with higher education studies in Iraq Including vocational training institutes, teachers' education institutes, parallel education and the vocational training and development. The Directorate implements non-periodic surveys on activities of personal services, project sector, libraries and medical laboratories…etc. as well as carrying out specialized surveys using sample style like employment and unemployment survey, and multi-indicators surveys (MICS). The Directorate is also in charge of supervision on the work of the Mother and Child Unit which interests the collection and analysis of data and indicators related to mother and child. This Directorate provides educational and social statistics periodically for various areas such as health, social care, and social reform. It also covers educational statistics beginning with pre-school and ending with higher education in Iraq. This includes technical education, teacher’s education, parallel education, and technical training.

Population & Manpower Statistics Directorate

The Population & Manpower Statistics Directorate carries out population censuses to provide comprehensive statistical indicators about the population, social, economic and housing variables at the level of the smallest administrative units for both urban and rural areas as well as the implementation of demographic sample surveys between censuses such as life phenomena survey, a survey of fertility, migration survey ... It also meant by analyzing results of censuses and surveys and the preparation of population projections. A preliminary plan has been prepared alternative to the census which planned to implementation in 2004 but has been postponed until further notice with a focus on the following steps:

  1. To set an appointment for the commencement of the numbering and counting operation that completed all its requirements in 2004.

  2. Identify training plan for all levels of workers in the census.

  3. Preparation of a plan to count Iraqi communities abroad.

  4. Prepare counting plan and its requirements to determine the method of counting, forms designing, preparation of instructions, output schedules, the final results tables, and instructions for workers in the census of all levels.

  5. Preparation of a plan for counting Bedouins.

  6. Preparation of a plan for data processing and extraction results according to timing schedules established in the substitution plan.

Also, the Directorate provides data about employees in the various sectors where such data are essential for manpower planning and exploitation of all available capacities serving Iraqi economy, including the calculation and distribution of employees by socio-economic activities, scientific qualifications and their competences, through continuing of update a database of survey workers of all State entities, and such data is the basic rule for the databank career.

National Accounts Directorate

The National Accounts directorate counts and estimates the most important economic indicators on the national level, including following:

  • Preliminary and final estimates of gross domestic product and national income.

  • Preliminary and final estimates of gross fixed capital formation.

  • Commodity balances. Indicators of financial analysis for institutions of public, mixed and private sectors in the following activities:

    • Manufacturing industries, banks and insurance, trade, transport and communications, electricity and water supply, oil extraction and mining.

    • Industrial overlap table, every three years.

    • User-producer table, every five years.

    • Report of the main economic indicators quarterly quick for some main economic sectors.

    • Fixed assets survey.

    • Issuing an adjusted series of reports for the period of 1997-2002.

Living Conditions Statistics Directorate

This Directorate carries out important and essential statistical surveys because it provides economic indicators about Iraqi households concerning with the level of their domestic expenditure on one hand and their income which receive from different sources on the other, in addition to other characteristics related to health, environment, residential conditions, education and other social and economic characteristics of the individual and the household. The survey indicators are used to measure standard of living, make expectations, facilities of demand for commodities and services, and the composition of the CPI and identify the different sources of income. In addition, the directorate provides some indicators of the demographic characteristics of individuals with providing basic household appliances of housing, also this Directorate interests in preparing food balance sheet quarterly and annual reports, these surveys are carried out regularly every four years, Also it was added to the Directorate tasks of preparation measuring poverty indicators in Iraq depending on the results of expenditure and households income surveys.

Environmental Statistics Directorate

The Environment statistics directorate provides environmental statistical data through the cooperation with entities that related with environmental side or through the implementation of environmental surveys to help decision makers, planners and researchers in this field.

Index Numbers Directorate

Index Number Directorate issues monthly and annual reports for the consumer price index numbers for measuring inflation and index numbers of imports and exports in addition to accounts index numbers of the industry, agriculture and construction activities. It also assumes the task of update bases of measured index numbers and the installation of new index numbers according to the requirements of calculate national accounts indicators and other sectoral offices.

Human Development Statistics Directorate

The new structure of CSO is included The Directorate of human development Statistics. It carries out the collection of data and indicators for the development of different sectors such as (the education sector, health sector .... etc.) depending on the availability of such data from the concerned departments and ministries. The Directorate is also preparing national indicators about human development annually similar to reports that adopted regionally and internationally, in addition to prepares the report of observation acquired progress of Millennium Development goals, and it works on updating the data periodically to ensure correspondence with the data at the regional and international levels. In addition to, the preparation of a periodic report on the social gender indicators, the Directorate analyzes data with methodological measurement in high reliability, and enhances the quality of data and indicators to be suit for holding the international comparisons.

Analysis Unit

A new unit has been built for statistical analysis, which is working on gathering and preparing CSO directorate’s data of indicators and statistics, as well as providing comprehensive accurate data about the reality of society in the past and present to facilitate planer work in making his plans . Currently, this unit working on two main tasks which are:

    Contributing, supporting in achieving the goals of Iraq Household Socio-economic Survey 2006/7 and calculating the indicators of this survey as well through extracting 265 agenda.

  1. Tasks assigned to Analysis Unit team by CSO Chairman the head of as well as Technical Affairs Office, with the analysis unit timing.

Information Technology Office

The main tasks of the Information Technology office is to compliance CSO requirements through six associated directorates (database management, engineering of systems, maintenance & networking, programming and analysis, computer operations and geographic information systems).

  1. Programming new systems which are related to surveys and statistical activities included in CSO Technology offices work plans, In addition to implementing the pre prepared systems to find out statistical reports and tables.

  2. Preparing of input programs for new systems, input statistical data and bring out reports.

  3. Designing information Banks for saving and presentation of data as category.

  4. Broadcasting, publishing and exchange information via the Internet.

  5. Installation of equipments and software related to geographical data system and making it ready to carry out the GIS.

  6. Coordination with other ministries related to geographic information systems for draw joint future plans in order to develop the GIS staff.

  7. Designing and implementation of networks for all computers and terminals of the ministry of planning as well as other ministries.

  8. Supervising on internet system of ministry.

  9. Upgrading the old system to new system compatible with network systems to facilitate the transmission of data.

  10. Carrying out all maintenance works and precautionary maintenance for all computers and its terminals at the ministry.

  11. Maintenance operation systems of computers and updating the anti-virus periodically for all computers of ministry.

  12. Train office staffs in different fields relating to information technology and continuity upgrading new technologies from micro computers with applied software.

Financial and Administrative Affairs Office

This office carrying out the task of ensuring administrative services for CSO offices and employees, management of financial and accounting affairs, employees and workers affairs in addition to statistical directorates in the governorates with regard to administrative matters, through its directorates:

  1. Employee affairs Directorate — This directorate tasks are counting salaries, wages, upgrading, allowances, rewards and writes appreciate letters, it also carries out procedures of calculating the years of service and experience.

  2. Administrative affairs Directorate — This Directorate is responsible of ensuring administrative services for CSO offices and management employees and workers affairs in Baghdad and governorates in addition to the internal supervision.

  3. Accounting Directorate — It prepares the current balance sheet and the expenses of investment plan and prepares lists of salaries and wages of employees as well as the preparation of official accounting records and the use of all official audited balances and its attachments.

  4. Publication and Public Relations Directorate — This directorate periodically prepares and issues the annual statistical group, CSO publications manual and any other print or publication, this Directorate also provides data and statistical information to the departments, establishments and different state entities, Arabian and international entities and organizations, in addition to providing researchers and graduate students and university students with the required information according to conditions of issuance information and statistical data published in this respect ... It is also perform informational activities through the available media with the aim of deepening the statistical awareness of people.

The Departments which are related to the Office of Chairman of Central Statistical Organization

  1. Training and Statistical Researches Center — Training has a special importance in raising skills of employees in sectors, whether public or mixed. One of the training and statistical research centre tasks is create those skills in the statistical field through various activities, including employees of CSO and employees of Statistical sector in different State offices. Moreover, this center training includes summer and methodical training for Iraqi universities and institutions students. The implementation of all relation to the preparation of statistical research, seminars and symposium is another task of this center.

  2. Legality Department — It achieves and follow-up legal cases of CSO and the arrangement of contracts. This department represents CSO in the courts and different types or levels of judicial authorities in CSO or governorates, and be responsible for preparing the guarantees, commitments and legal advices inside CSO and oversee, the implementation of the effective Statistics Law and its internal rules and regulations.

  3. Auditing Department — This department carries out the task of auditing all accountings transactions that achieved and prepared by accounting Directorate in order to ensure their safety and suitability by the effective laws, regulations and financial instructions.

There are eighteen Local Statistics Directorates, one for each governorate.

Some of its main publications are the AAS and the CPI. The CPI is published the 15th of each month.

[AAS] means Annual Abstract of Statistics; it reflects continuous scientific and applied efforts aimed at providing a comprehensive package of data and information covering the various aspects of economic and social life in Iraq.

[CPI] is a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumers goods and services.

Crucially, its content is in the public domain as of January 6, 2021,

The information published on the CSO website is in the public domain and may be used or reproduced without specific permission.

The Statistics Law,

The CSO abides by Statistics Law No.21 of 1972. The law stipulates the mandatory nature of statistical information gathering while ensuring confidentiality and specifying the rights and duties of respondents and beneficiaries. The law also lists the goals and tasks of the statistics organization. It specifies the main personnel involved which include the Minister and the Head of the CSO. In addition, it specifies the internal system of the CSO which defines the tasks of each directorate within the CSO, including relationships with other authorities such as ministries, non-ministerial agencies, the private sector and other entities. A proposed new law was drafted so as to accommodate the developments proposed to amend the CSO organizational structure.

Additional studies,


Accessed January 6, 2021. Said to be last updated in 2013.