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[00] Khani Ezidi

This old ruin has a vague history. Located at the entrance to Lalish's valley, is typically said to have been an inn for pilgrims to stay in when visiting Lalish, or for pilgrims to house their animals in order to not dirty the sacred precincts.

However, its grand architecture and two main halls suggests it was built with tremendous resources and for community purposes. Typical of Ottoman-era architecture, it fits the description of the Islamic retreat and madrasa built in Lalish at the end of the 19th century when Muslim rulers seized Lalish and expunged Yezidis for some years.

The structure has a monumental feel to it, and is centered around the massive main mall. It has a towering arched ceiling with a central row of columns. There is a triangular hall built into the space between the main hall and the hillside. Behind the main hall is a small room, accessible from the outside. Beneath the main structure are two narrow rooms.