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Nazareth (City Council) • נצרת • الناصرة


When asked if these buildings suit the needs of the local Arab population, Tabony dismisses this question. You have to put it out of your head that there are different communities. The needs of most populations today, worldwide, are the same. There are of course cultural aspects of more traditional societies. Do you know how many Arab students live in Tel Aviv? Arabs wear jeans and watch movies and read books.

Between 1975 and 1995, almost the only development that had taken place was provided by Palestinian and foreign volunteers who came to Nazareth during the Volunteer Days for Nazareth Development. This event, which was suggested by Zayyad, took place each summer and was sponsored by the municipality. During these days, walls were built, streets were paved, schools were painted, schools and cemeteries were refurbished, and so on. Local investors donated the machinery, building materials, and skilled labour. These works supplied very basic needs of the city, but also demonstrated a resistance to the governmental policy towards the city and the minority.

Space of Risk