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Pale Gawra cave • ئەشكەوتی پەلی گاورە

This is a rock shelter near Chemchemal, just below Suleimani Girde village, in a small stream-bearing side valley of the Baranand ridge, on the northeast side of Bazial Valley

It opens to the southeast and is about 70 meters above the level of the Bazian plain, from which it may be seen at one point on the main Chemchemal-Sulimaniyah road. The Bazian Valley is smaller than the Chemchemal Valley, somewhat better watered, and not so seriously dissected. The shelter opening is 3 meters high. Its chamber has a maximum breadth of about 6 meters and extends back from the opening only some 5 meters, so that all the cave is reachable by daylight. The depth of the deposit was nearly 2 meters, yielding almost entirely chipped flint tools. This was a later development of the Zarzian tradition.


"Braidwood and Howe recorded its name as Ishkaft Palegawra, using the Persian \u0627\u0634\u06a9\u0641\u062a eshkaft for cave (Kurdish \u0626\u06d5\u0634\u0643\u06d5\u0648\u062a e\u015fkewt)."