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Malta mound • گردی مالطا • Girê Maltayê • تل مالطا

Believed to be the site of an important Assyrian castle, this archaeological mound rises 30-31m above its surroundings. It is overlooked by the Halamata reliefs. It used to be an ancient village by the same name, inhabited by about 30 Assyrian families, until .

Assyrian earthenware ~ BCE has been discovered on its surface. It is associated with the Assyrian city Malita/Mailthaya, which means entrance or path. It is also believed that it was a military castle of great and strategic importance in the Assyrian reign. The top was flattened at some point.

The hill was originally natural, and the southwest side exposes layered sandstone, siltstone, and sandstone of the Injana Formation (Upper Miocene). The mound's top was flattened at some point.