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Bibliography on the 1987 census of Iraq


1987 Oct 12
The Guardian

Notes: An announcement from the Iraqi Government said the census will be held October 17.

1987 Oct 13
The Palm Beach Post
West Pal Beach FL

Iraqis sent home for census taking

BAGHDAD, Iraq — The entire population of Iraq, except for the army and paramilitary Popular Army fighters, has been ordered to stay home Saturday so a census can be taken.

Streets, cafes and souks, or traditional bazaars, will be virtually deserted and all government offices will be shut. Only authorized personnel will be allowed to use the roads.

1987 Oct 13
The Palm Beach Post
West Pal Beach FL

Kurds kidnap Italians

BEIRUT — Iraqi Kurds who support Iran said they have kidnapped three Italian engineers in Northern Iraq and demanded Monday that Italiy withdraw its warships from the Persian Gulf.

A statement carrying the name of the Iraqi Kurdistan National Union said the group’s mmembers seized the Italians to protest “Italian aid to the Iraqi regime and Italian military presence in the gulf waters.”

1987 Oct 19
The Courier-Journal
Louisville KY

Iraq reports 3 million increase in population
BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraq announced yesterday that a one-day census taken Saturday found that its population has increased by more than 3 million since its war with Iran started even years ago.

Iraq’s population in October 1980 was 13,238,000; 16,278,316 people were counted in the new census.

Iraqi media reported that major highways were closed during the door-to-door census to keep people at home.

1987 Nov 03
El Paso Times
El Paso TX

Iraq is pushing for more people

BAGHDAD, Iraq — The Iraqi Government has launched a nationwide drive to boost the country’s population, outnumbered 3-1 by Iran, its enemy in the 7-year-old gulf war.

The campaign began last month after the first census in 10 years showed Iraq’s population was 16.2 million. Iran has about 46 million people.

The government-run media has been running daily reports on the urgent need to boost Iraq’s population since President Saddam Hussein called Oct. 13 for a greater national effort against Iran.