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Bibliography on the failed 2009 census of Iraq


Newsletter on Iraq Population & Housing Census
Issue IV
2009 August
"IPHC09 on the runway"
Accessed Jan 5 2021.

2009 census was partially completed,

Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC)
Accessed Jan 5 2021

Population Census In 2009


Enumeration of Buildings and Economic Establishments completed.

The Listing of all Households, Establishments and Agricultural Holders completed.

Information and Data about the number of Individuals, Households, Buildings and Establishments is available now at the level of the Smaller Statistical Unit (Block).


ITAB-IC is an Independent Forum Established by the Government of Iraq and
the United Nations, facilitated and convened by the United Nations Population
Fund (UNFPA).


The Conclusion of its Last Meeting is the Board Believes that there is sound technical basis for the Iraqi Government to Launch the Census According to the Intended Schedule.

Confirming nothing happened since 1997 so far as a full census.