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Dukan Lake • دەریاچەی دوکان • بحيرة دوكان

There is a southern lake, northern lake, and touristy river sections immediately up- and down-stream. The river sections are developed with gazebos and cabanas for families. Men without families are generally prohibited.

The southern lake has some access points. One is near the dam's outflow, and another is near the Ashur Hotel. Neither have facilities.

There are numerous archaeological sites and hills submerged under the dam's waters. Some of the hills can be visited by small little boats when the water is low enough.

Dukan is the biggest lake in the KRG.
The shore has lots of boats and is popular.

You can take a boat out to other shores, including splendid, isolated stretches of rock and sand. Simply give the boat a call when you are ready to be picked up again. A roundtrip costs about 30,000 IQD. Adjacent to the lake is the beautiful Hotel Ashur, which I have heard has a pretty good restaurant (but has poor-quality service).

There is an island across the way.
My favorite times are sunrise and sunset.


Refugees in cabins.