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We now pursue a hilly winding road [from the valley of Lalish] past black Koordish tents and small villages, and then come to a wild ravine wit a stream dashing over the rocks and the mountain rising steep on either side — a scene of great wildness and beauty. The road is rough and steep. In two hours more climbing up the mountain side, we came to the village of Bebosi, all Chaldeans of Catholic Nestorians.

Slept well in a warm native house. The views at sunrise from the housetop in the midst of the mountains are beautiful. The reddening and rosy light. The village is partly in ruins. Ride on through a rocky wooded glen, where figs and olives grow in the valley, and oaks cover the mountain side, and rest at an angle of the road in a shady spot refreshed by the cooling breeze. Prime 1859, p 270-271; 19-20 November 1856


Prime, 1859
Prime, Samuel Irenaeus. 1859. The Bible in the Levant: Life and Letters of the Rev. C. N. Righter, Agent of the American Bible Society in the Levant.

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