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Qaidi tribe of Ezidis • عشيرة قائدي اليزيديين

The Qaidi tribe is led by Shekh Mirzo Agh in Daka Mazen (داكا مزن, meaning something like 'big mother') village near Sharya and Shekhan. That is his traditional village since the shekh arrived there from Turkey after Shekh Adi times some centuries (approximately four) ago.

Because the tribe is so large, it is not clear how many mukhtar there are in total. There are some Qaidi in most villages. As a very large tribe, the Qaidi tribe has been able to exercise its power. In 2013, a mullah in Shingal's town center was saying inflammatory things against Ezidis. But the Qaidi tribe was able to attack him.

There are, however, seven overall clans,

— Sharafi شرفي ...
— Mamosi ماموسي ...
— Stere Zerki ستري زركي .. his name comes from being beat and there was a fox or something, not sure what this means
— and four more

Qaidi tribe origins

The Qaidi tribe came from Turkey, and when arriving to modern-day Kurdistan they built Daka Mazen. They appreciated the mountainousness of Kurdistan because it made it easier to evade genocides.


Interview July 4th, 2019 with Yasir Elias Khalaf Ismael Hajji Oose Al-Qaidi