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7 Noahide Laws, 10 Mosaic Commandments, and 613 Total Commandments

The seven Noahide laws are transmitted to Noah — in other words, to all humanity. The ten Mosaic laws are transmitted to Moses for Binei Israel — in other words, the Jewish people. The 613 commandments are the totality of commandments given in the Torah, based on rabbinical enumerations from studies of the Torah.




שבע מצוות בני נח

Sheva Mitzvot B'nei Noach

Seven Laws of the Children of Noah

עשרת הדיברות

Asheret ha'Dibrot

Ten Commandments

תרי״ג מצוות‎

Taryag Mitzvot

613 Laws

Summary of the laws

  • Seven Noahide laws

    • Do not commit idolatry.

    • Do not curse G-d.

    • Do not murder.

    • Do not commit sexual immorality, including adultery and bestiality.

    • Do not steal.

    • Do not eat flesh torn from a living animal.

    • Establish courts of justice.

  • Ten Commandments

    • Accept the existence of one G-d.

    • Do not commit idolatry.

    • Do not use G-d's name in vain.

    • Observe Shabbat.

    • Respect one's parents.

    • Do not murder.

    • Do not commit adultery.

    • Do not steal or kidnap.

    • Do not make a false testimony.

    • Do not covet.

  • 613 Commandments

    • Includes the above, and more, adding up to a total of 613.