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State of Israel • מדינת ישראל • دولة اسرائيل

There are six districts, as well as fifteen subdistricts and Israeli localities in Judea and Samaria. The districts are each given 1-digit codes, then subdistricts are given 2-digit codes. Judea and Samaria does not have a code.

Administrative divisions

Districts, subdistricts, and regions of Israel




Type of change

Yizre'el Basin • עמק יזרעאל

Yizre'el Basin • עמק יזרעאל אזור
Yoqne'am Region • יקנעם

Division of Natural Region

Western Lower Galilee • גליל תחתון מערבי

Shefar'am • אזור שפרעם
Karmi'el • אזור כרמיאל

Division of Natural Region

Sharon Region • אזור השרון

Western Sharon • מערב השרון
Eastern Sharon • מזרח השרון

Division of Natural Region

Tel Aviv Region • אזור תל אביב

Tel Aviv Region • אזור תל אביב
Ramat Gan Region • אזור רמת גן
Holon Region • אזור חולון

Division of Natural Region

Northern Arava • ערבה צפונית
Southern Arava • ערבה דרומית

Dead Sea Region • אזור ים המלח
Arava Region • אזור הערבה

Change of name; several boundary changes

Localities and their councils

For a list of all councils and the localities within them: Council (State of Israel) • מועצה • مجلس

For a list of all the types of localities: Locality (State of Israel) • יישוב • تسوية

​A local authority manages the local affairs of a locality or group of localities. There are three types of local authorities, based on their municipal status: municipal; local councils; and regional councils (a regional council includes multiple types of localities such as moshavim, kibbutzim, and rural localities). The local authority provides its residents with municipal services in many areas as specified by law. Information on this topic includes the distribution of local authorities by municipal status; population growth; characterization of authorities by socio-economic level of the population; municipal services (education, infrastructure, sanitation, culture, water, etc.); and budget data.

Municipal status

Local authority
רשות מקומית


Total count


City/Municipal Council
מועצת עיר

ראש עירייה



Local Council
מועצה מקומית



Villages, settlements, etc

Regional Council
מועצה אזורית