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Ride on [from Beboze] through a rocky wooded glen, where figs and olives grow in the valley, and oaks cover the mountain side, and rest at an angle of the road in a shady spot refreshed by the cooling breeze. In a half hour we come to a point that command a view over a fertile valley with villages at the side, and a wild deep ravine winding through the mountain. ... We rode on over steep, rough, rocky mountains, and in four hours arrived at the village of Spindura, upon a sloping hillside. There was much excitement upon our arrival; nearly the whole village turned out on the housetops to witness the important event. The population is three hundred and fifty, entirely Moslems. Prime 1859, p 271;


Prime, 1859

Prime, Samuel Irenaeus. 1859. The Bible in the Levant: Life and Letters of the Rev. C. N. Righter, Agent of the American Bible Society in the Levant.