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[LT.02] Lalish Temple Courtyard • الفناء

A stream of water runs into a square basin in the yard floor, and thence flows under the walls of the temple; and in the niche of a raised seat near by, we observed a number of small earthen balls, which we learned on inquiry, were made of the clay dug up from the vicinity of the principal tomb, to be taken away and used as charms by pious visitors. Badger 1852, p 106; of trips 1843-1850

In one corner of the yard is the Nâzir's seat under a small niche where a lamp is kept burning during the night. On this is an imperfect inscription in Arabic, from which I could only make out the following. On one side:

"Sultan Yezeed, the mercy of God be upon him."

And on the other side:

"Sheikh Add, the mercy of God be upon him." Badger 1852, p 106; of trips 1843-1850

Over one of the apartments in the court-yard is another inscription to this effect:

"This is the epitaph of Hajji ibn Ismaeel. Blessedness is inscribed on her gates, therefore enter them in peace. Amen. In the year 1195." Badger 1852, p 106; of trips 1843-1850

"Badger 1852\r\nBadger, George Percy. 1852. The Nestorians and their Rituals. Google Books<\/a>"