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Global history



Two Americans Severely Wounded in the Fight Near Tientsin on Aug. 19

Special Cable Despatch to THE SUN

LONDON, Aug. 26 — The India Office issued this evening the following despatch from Gen. Dorward:

TIENTSIN, Aug. 23, via Taku, Aug. 24. — A mixed force of Americans, Japanese, Austrians and British, numbering a thousand, under my command, attacked on Aug 19, a large body of the enemy eight miles southwest of Tientsin. The enemy fled after two hours’ hard fighting, leaving 300 killed and sixty prisoners. The total casualties of the mixed force were eleven wounded, including two Americans severely. About 800 of the enemy fled south, but a majority of them went west. The lines of communication near Tientsin are now free. The enemy had been treating the villagers badly. Many decapitated bodies were found near their camp.

The villagers are now flocking to Tientsin at the rate of a thousand a day. There is not more than a month’s food supply for the people of Tientsin, and there is every prospect of a famine shortly.

, The Sun (New York, NY)