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Iran-Iraq War


The Clarksdale Press Register
Clarksdale, MS
1987 Oct 27

Residents of Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, have had to put up with many shortages during the country’s 7-year-old war with Iran. But you know things are getting bad when something like can happen: An Iraqi woman somehow managed to glom onto a banana from a visitor. She took the treasure home to feast on later. But her young son found it. Not knowing what it was, the lad used the strange fruit as glue to stick up pictures of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein — the man responsible for making bananas such a rarity.

The Paris News
Paris, TX
1987 Oct 27

[An editorial by Andy Rooney titled “Hate Makes The World Go ‘Round”]

If Gorbachev opens the Soviet society, lets us in and Russians out and tears down the Berlin Wall, what in the world are we going to do for an enemy? The Ayatollah Khomeini and Iran make good temporary substitutes but we know so little about Iran and Iranians that they wouldn’t make satisfactory, long-term bad guys. Who do we have who could play the Iranian enemy opposite Sylvester Stallone? Most of us wouldn’t recognize an Iranian if we saw one. There was a time, years ago, when Americans couldn’t distinguish a Japanese from a Chinese. Today, none of us would know an Iranian from an Iraqi if we meet one on the street. That makes them difficult to caricature.