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Ayyubid coin of Al-Ashraf Musa, ~1210 CE (Mayyafariqin)

Islamic. Ayyubids. Mayyafariqin & Jabal Sinjar. al-Ashraf I Muzaffar al-Din Musa Æ Dirham

Date: AH 607-617 / 1210-1220 AD
Obverse: Male seated facing, holding globus; AH date to left and right of figure; name, titles, and genealogy of al-Ashraf I Muzaffar al-Din Musa and mint in outer margin
Reverse: Name and titles of Abassid caliph within angled circle; name and titles of Ayyubid sultan of Egypt in outer margin
Size: 32.42 mm
Weight: 11.99 grams