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Monastery of Mar Bena Qadisho • كنێساه‌ی مه‌ربێنه‌ قه‌دیشه‌ • كنیسة مربینا قدیشا

First built in CE by Saint Banham's followers, this small monastery was destroyed by Saddam's forces in . Using original stones, the chapel was rebuilt in .

The original monastery had an Aramaic inscription: 'This monastery was rebuilt by Kikhwa Ogen, the head of Armuta, in Greek year 1714 [ CE]. Pray for him.' The first Friday after Easter is the big feast of Mar Bena, and the entire church and surroundings and filled to the limit with people picnicking and celebrating. Some believe that Mar Behnam and his sister Sara built this shrine. Others believe that a number of a monks from Mosul were driven away and took refuge in the shrine during the Moguls invasion of the city.