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Arab neighbourhood • گەرەکی عەرەب • حي العرب

This neighbourhood was built in its present configuration before 1846. It was initially called Yangy Mnhala (the new quarter). In 1918, a number of Arab families here as bakers led to its current name. Batta Street, Sheikh Choly Street, Kirkuk Road, and Citadel Road form its boundaries.

There are lots of alleyways. You can take a small alleyway past Shahraban Tourist, past Hamam alAsry, to an old building with a beautiful, neglected portico and then into a dense, confusing tapestry of historic homes. Several sites of interest are,

  • Old Church

  • Assyrian tomb

    • At least one Assyrian tomb was discovered under a home. It was excavated by archaeologists. There were news reports in 2016, although one had already been found years earlier; it's unclear if there are two tombs, or the same one.

  • Sheikh Choly Mosque

  • عزير Mazar-i-Uzair is across from Sheikh Choly Mosque.