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Route • کالێ • Kalê

There is an amazing campus of ruins atop the 450m peak of Kale, the mountain overlooking Akre. The trailhead begins at the Church of Saint Mary.

The ruins are majestic, situated 450m above the valley on the mountaintop overlooking the town. The campus of various reservoirs, granaries, and wall foundations was built by Prince Zand in 580 BC. It consists of several built levels: the upper level is known as the Prince’s Residence; the middle was used as food storage; and the basement has a round meeting hall and a flat rock in the middle.

There is confusion over the name of the place. First of all, the mountain where these ruins sit is called کالێ Kale and this is the common, local name for the location. However, the government is pressing that the ruins should be named قەڵای ئاكرێ Qalay Akrê (Badini: کەلها ئاکرێ Kelha Akrê)قلعة عقرة Qalat Aqre (Akre Castle) and there are indeed signs with this name to point the way. The problem is that کەلها ئاکرێ Kelha Akrêقلعة عقرة Qalat Aqre (Akre Castle) is the name locals use for the old jail built by Saddam Hussein. When talking about or trying to reach whichever place, take a moment to make sure everyone understands correctly.

Zarvia Cihuyan (Zarvia Dji)

The mountain overlooking Akrê has a flat plateau called Zarvia Dji, meaning Land of the Jews, once used for Jewish celebrations.