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1928, photo of the Nungesser-Coli flight while refueling in Iraq

The obverse of the photo shows the plane refueling, with a ladder at the cockpit and a hose going to the plane. It appears that a small group of RAF members has come to the scene. In the background, there is what appears to be warehouse. On the reverse of the photo are several writings. In handwriting, it says, A French Round the World machine at Shaibah Southern Iraq. There is also a printed stamp, BARKI. Optique - Photographie. 5. Bld. SAAD ZAGHLOUL ALEXANDRIE which conveys he publisher's identity.

From the seller,

Original snapshot of the French Breguet 19 Nungesser-Coli while refueling in Iraq on its around the world flight in 1928. Flown by pilot Dieudonne Costes and navigator Joseph Le Brix, their flight included a non-stop leg between St. Louis Senegal and Natal Brazil in Oct. 1927 and from there up to the USA and San Francisco where they and the Breguet boarded a ship to Japan in March 1928. From there they flew back to Paris making refueling stops (including in Iraq) where this picture was taken. The velox snapshot has a business handstamp of a photographer in Alexandria, Egypt and is in good condition. The Breguet 1685 Nungesser-Coli is still visible in a French aviation museum today.