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1917, Set of negatives



Crowd of people

In Basrah, a group of Brits and Arabs stand in front of a house and some palm trees.

View of the river

Urban view of the creek in Basrah, including some boats, and people washing in the foreground.

View with a family, in front of huts

Interestingly, it appears to show a Black Arab family.

View of palm tree grove

Palm tree grove and water.

View of docking ships

A large steam ship, next to a traditional ship. It looks muddy.

Crowded boat

View of a crowded canoe in the river.

Urban river traffic

Canals docking and moving along the river.

View of river traffic

With palm groves on one side, and single-story houses on the other side.

Socialite scene

Mix of foreigners, women and men, as well as some local officials, at some sort of an event. The women have parasols.

View of the bridge

Persons crossing a bridge, including a man carrying something ornate on his head.