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High Commissioner Reports Situation Well In Hand, Condemns Outrages — British Troops Take Offensive Against Arabs — Britain Reluctant to State Policy at This Time — Entire Jewish World a Unit in Protest.


Cairo, September 3. — (J.T.A.) — Attacks on the Jewish settlements in Palestine cities and agricultural colonies are continuing.

In an uncensored report from Jerusalem this morning it is stated that a large band of Arabs on Monday attacked the colony Hittin, 5 kilometers from Tiberias, a settlement supported by American Jews with a population of 50 families. Troops surrounded the assailants disarming them and imprisoning many.

Attacks were also reported from the Jewish colonies Tel Joseph and Beth Alpha. These reports, however, have not been confirmed. General tension is still prevailing in the country.

British Report Situation Quiet

London, September 3. — (J. T. A.) — The situation in Palestine is reported as generally quiet, declared a statement of the British Colonial Office issued Tuesday night.

In the north, however, local incidents took place. An attack on the police barracks at Hittin, eight miles west of Tiberias during Sunday night was successfully repulsed. Slight hand to hand fighting took place at Yesod Hamaalah north of Lake Tiberias. Some arrests were made without casualties to the British troops. The general attitude of the Transjordanian tribes is stated to be satisfactory with the exception of small areas in the north.

Further reports received concerning the attack on the colony Yesod Ha’maalah, Galilee, state that 14 Arabs were killed during the action of the troops who repelled them. Two Arabs were killed during the action of the troops in repelling the attack on the colony Mishmar Ha’yarden. The male population of the Yesod Ha’maalah colony returned to the settlement.

The Chief Rabbinate of Palestine proclaimed a day of fast and prayer for tomorrow, September 4.

Objection to the contents of the proclamation issued by Sir John Chancellor, High Commissioner, concerning the anti-Jewish atrocities committed by the Palestine Arabs was taken by the Palestine Arab Executive. In an appeal issued the Execute terms the High Commissioner’s proclamation Hasty and untimely. It alleges that the troubles in Palestine, past and present, are directly caused by the British Zionist policy which aims to annihilate the Arab nation and revive the non-existent Jewish nation. The appeal alleges that the first murders of women and children were committed by Jews and a Jewish mob killed many isolated Arabs. The Executive further asserts, contrary to all facts, that Jews mutilated Arabs, but Arabs have not mutilated Jews. It further charges the British military authorities with having fired at Arabs in their homes and beds. The Executive further insists on an impartial inquiry by outsiders who are not influenced by Zionists. It expresses its certainty that the inquiry will prove that the Jews and the policy supporting them are responsible for the present troubles.

A manifestation against the High Commissioner’s proclamation was contemplated by the Moslems in Jerusalem for today. It was prevented by strong measures taken by the government. Similar manifestations were attempted at Jaffa, Haifa and Niblus, but without success.

Arab Congress Called Into Session

A session of the Arab Congress, the eighth Congress, was called by the leaders of the government. The meeting is to be held next week in Jaffa.

22 Jews Massacred in Safed, Scores Wounded; Troops Arrived Hours Late

Cairo, August 31. — (J.T.A.) — Advices received early today from Jerusalem that 22 Jews were killed and scores wounded in the massacre by Moslem Arabs at historic Saeed Thursday night and Friday morning.

The same advices said that settlements in the Jordan Valley and in South Sharon faced grave danger of attack. Women and children were evacuated from Ain Ganin.

Arab Police Guarding Safed Refugees Open Fire on Those They Shelter

Jewish leaders here this morning presented an urgent request to Palestine authorities to disarm the Arab members of the Palestine police force who, it is stated, used their arms against the Jewish refugees they are charged with protecting. The request was made upon receipt of a report from Saeed that six of the refugees, including a 12-year old boy, were wounded in the Safed police courtyard when the Arab police opened fire on them. The boy died of his wounds. The fire was opened on the pretext that noise was heard at 4 a. m. Saturday in the neighborhood of the courtyard. The fire opened by the police against the assailants Thursday night resulted in no casualties.

Reports received here this morning from Galilee state that the colonies in Upper and Lower Galilee continue to be in danger. The troops even when repelling the attacks are clearly unconcerned with the preservation of the Jewish positions, it is charged. The colonies Mishmar Ha’yarden and Yessed Ha’maalah are surrounded by Moslem bands.

The situation of the 3,000 Jewish Refugees in the police courtyard at Safed is utterly appalling. Roofless, breadless and without water and exposed to bullying at the hands of the Arab police they are facing starvation and epidemics.

The impression produced on the Jewish population of Jerusalem by the Safed massacre has been tremendous, undermining its confidence in the protection of the British authorities, even though a large number of troops and marines are in the country. The massacre occurred on Thursday night although Jewish leaders warned the authorities the preceding day that the Safed Jews were facing great danger. They were assured that the situation is well in hand, but until the first British soldiers arrived, after 8 p. m. the population of the ancient and sacred city, the seat of Jewish learning for many centuries, was entirely at the mercy of the Arab marauders.

Some of the refugees who were saved in the police courtyard at Safed begged the authorities to be given arms to continue a self-defense for those remaining in the Jewish quarter.

With great difficulties and after hours of negotiations a small escort was secured for bringing surgeons from Haifa and Tiberias, two hours distant from Safed, to operate on the wounded in an effort to save their lives.

Grave apprehensions are held for the safety of the Jewish population at Tiberias, two hours from Safed. The colonies Mizpah, Hittim, maintained by an American Zionist troup, and Machnaim, are under attack.

Arabs Attempt to Justify Their Barbarities and Massacres by Spreading False Reports

Jerusalem, August 31. — J.T.A.) — Attempts to justify the barbarities and massacres now being perpetrated by the Moslem Arabs on the Jews of Palestine are made in the Moslem press in Syria and the Lebanon.

For the purpoes of justification these newspapers spread reports alleging that Palestine Jews have desecrated the Mosque of Omar, thrown bombs, and slaughtered Arab children and violated women. These alleged acts on the part of the Jews now presented to have been the cause of the events in Palestine.

Rabbi A. J. Kook, Chief Rabbi of Palestine, when informed today of these attempts at justification, issued a statement to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in which he declares: Before God and all mankind I wish to state that nothing in this report is true. The contrary is the fact. These inventions are malicious and disgusting libels. I would like to see prominent Moslems, religious and scientific men, come to Palestine to see with their own eyes what is the truth.

Despite the latest events, I am still hopeful that the ancient traditions of Arab Jewish friendship, based on their kinship and racial ties and in the belief in one God, will prevail, the Chief Rabbi said.

Arab Students Hold Conference at Jaffa, Adopt Anti-Jewish Resolutions

Jaffa. — (J.T.A.) — What was termed an All-Palestine Arab Students Conference was held here with the result that a number of anti-Jewish resolutions were adopted.

The conference decided to combat Arab land brokers who are instrumental in selling land to Jews, to support Arab industries in Palestine and Syria, to boycott foreign products, to appeal for unity among the Arabs of Palestine for the independence of the country within an Arab Confederation, to demand the establishment of a parliament in Palestine and to urge the government to enact legislation for the compulsory education of boys and girls.

British High Commissioner Issues Proclamation

Jerusalem, September 1. — (J.T.A.) — Sir John Chancellor, High Commissioner of Palestine issued today the following proclamation to the population of the country. The text of the proclamation was distributed from airplanes flying over Jerusalem and other cities and villages. It read as follows:

I have returned from the United Kingdom to find to my distress the country in a state of disorder and a pretty to unlawful violence. I have learned with horror of atrocious acts committed by bodies of ruthless and bloodthirsty evil-doers, of savage murders perpetrated upon the defenseless members of the Jewish population regardless of age and sex, accompanied, as at Hebron, by acts of unspeakable savagery, of the burning of farms and houses in town and country and of looting and destruction of property. These crimes have brought upon their authors the execration of all civilized people throughout the world.

My first duties are to restore order in the country and inflict stern punishment upon those found guilty of the acts of violence. All necessary measures will be taken to achieve those ends and I charge all inhabitants of Palestine to assist me in discharging these duties.

In accordance with the undertaking which I gave the Arab Executive before I left Palestine in June, I initiated discussions with the Secretary of State when in England on the subject of constitutional changes in Palestine, but in view of the recent events I shall suspend these discussions with His Majesty’s Government.

In order to put a stop to the mendacious statements that have recently been circulated on the subject of the Wailing Wall, I hereby, with the concurrence of His Majesty’s Government, make it known that I intend to give effect to the principles laid down in the White Paper of the 19th of November, 1928, [] after methods of applying them have been determined.

The White Paper issued by the British Colonial Office on November 19, 1928, [] referred to in the proclamation of Sir John Chancellor, acknowledges the Jewish right of access to the Western Wall of the Temple commonly known as the Wailing Wall for the purposes of devotion. The British governments regards it as its duty and has the intention to maintain the established Jewish right of access to the pavement in front of the Wall. Jewish worshippers are entitled to bring appurtenances as permitted under the Turkish regime. They are not, however, entitled to put up a screen separating men and women worshippers, as was the case on the Day of Atonement, , when British police officials tore down the screen and dispersed the worshippers. A ruling issued by the Turkish authorities in prohibited the Jews to erect a screen on the pavement before the Wall.

The purpose of the British authorities in Palestine is to maintain the status quo at the Wailing Wall. While the British government would cordially welcome a mutual arrangement between Jews and Moslems concerning this matter so that the recurrence of unfortunate incidents may be prevented, the Colonial Office holds that it would not be consistent with the duties of the government in accordance with the terms of the Palestine Mandate to endeavor to compel the Moslem owners to accord to the Jews extended privileges at the Wailing Wall, the White Paper states.

Arabs Continue Attacks on Galilee Jewish Colonies, Much Damage Is Caused, Jewish Self-defense Effective.

, The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle (Milwaukee, WI)

, The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle (Milwaukee, WI)

, The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle (Milwaukee, WI)

Berlin Posters Urge Massacre of Jews

LONDON, May 8. — An Exchange Telegraph company dispatch from Berlin reports that hatred against the Jews has been displayed recently in the German capital and that placards have been distributed asking the citizens to massacre Jews because, the notices assert, the Jews killed 200 children at Easter. As a result of this feeling and of reports from Vilna that Jews have been murdered there, it is added, leading Jews have requested the American commission in Berlin to assist the Jews in Berlin and other German cities.

, Chicago Tribune


New York, March 23. — The bolshevik invasion of the Ukraine has resulted in pogroms in which thousands of Jews were massacred, 5,000 being killed or wounded in Proskurov, according to cable messages from the Copenhagen Zionist bureau made public here tonight by the Zionist organization of America. Hundreds of Jews are killed in Berdichev, Zhitomir and other places, said the message, which declared the pogroms were instituted by Polish anti-Semitics.

, The Journal and Tribune