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Darbandikhan • دەربەندیخان • Derbendîxan • دربنديخان

دەربەنديخاندربنديخان Darbandikhan

Darbandikhan is an area recognised for tourism, beauty and wildlife. Darbandikhan’s main feature is the large freshwater reservoir generated by the Darbandikhan Dam; two historical rivers feed the dam, the Tanjero in the north and the Sirwan in the east. The lake serves as a popular site for recreational uses such as picnics as well as serving as a significant habitat for the surrounding local wildlife.

Indeed Dardbandikhan is a special ecological zone containing numerous distinct species that are vital to the ecosystem of the region. The area as a whole provisions a substantial quantity of bird life, to date there is fifty-six distinct bird species. Mammals, shrubbery, reptiles, and other fauna are also present; the lake boasts twenty-six species of fish and a hundred and twenty five distinct species of plants.

Darbandikhan Dam

(Bandawie Darbandixan) is a multi-purpose embankment dam on the Diyala -Sirwan River. It was constructed between 1956 and 1961. The purpose of the dam is irrigation, flood control, hydroelectric power production and recreation.

Darbandikhan Lake

Darbandikhan Lake is 60 km southeast of Sleimani City. The lakeshore and riverside areas are a stunning natural site. Many people come from the south of Iraq to enjoy the scenery and the fresh air. Tourist facilities are also built in the area for tourist services.

تونی باباتوني بابا Tuni Baba

A long and winding path carved into the rock by wind and sea long ago, this natural wonder is worth a visit. It is just south of the town of Darbandikhan. It is said that ancient nomadic civilizations used this path on their migrations. This small and lengthy valley contains water resources. In the area you can also spot ruins of ancient civilizations.

Jami Smor Park

Sartaki Bamo

Sartak is a natural area on the foot of a mountain called Bamo 15 km east of the town of Darbandikhan. In the summer, the area is known for its cool atmosphere and attracts many visitors; many enjoy their time soaking in the natural beauty. On the top of the mountain, visitors can find ruins of an ancient town called Yazdan Kurd.

هەڵكۆڵدراوی دەربەندی گاوەر Halkoldrawi Darbandi Gawara (Relief of Naram-Sin)

Konba Cave

Konba Cave is located 8 km west of Darbandikhan city in the Gulan Mountains. The cave features a unique ventilation system that keeps in cool in summer and warm in winter.