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Silemani • سلێمانی • Silêmanî • السليمانية‎‎

پارێزگای سلێمانی Slemani Governorateمحافظة السليمانية‎ Suleimaniya Governorate.

Darbandokeh? Previously included in Slemani Governorate were Penjwin, Sharazur and Saidsadiq, which are now part of Halabja Govenrorate. Sharazur and Bitwen are considered the Middle East's most fertile plains. Also, Ranya is the center of the Raparin Administration which is a local government with some jurisdiction over its own local affairs.

Bazian has a histroical citadel.

هەڵكۆڵدراوی دەربەندی گاوەر Halkoldrawi Darbandi Gawara Relief of Naram-Sin

ئەشكەوتی هەزارمێرد Eşkewtî Hezarmêrdكهف هزار ميرد (Hazar Merd cave)

دۆڵی چه‌می رێزانوادي جمي رزان Chemi Rezan Valley

Chemi Rezan has incredible sites including a waterfall, grand caves (which yielded what are thought to be the earliest human ceremonial burials ever found), and the rock-cut tomb at قزقاپانقزقابان Qizqapan.

Qizqapan Kurdistan

ئه‌شكه‌وتى قزقاپانقزقابان Qizqapan Cave

شوێنەواری گوندی چەرمۆ Charmo village

Just east of Chemchemal are the ruins of ancient Charmo, which dates to c 7000 BC (the Neolithic) and is one of the oldest villages in the world. Chicago University excavated here 1948 - 1955 and found domestic and agricultural stone tools, plus remains of grains and animal bones.

قەڵای سارتكەقلعة سارتكه Sartika Castle

Near to Dukan Lake is a 19th century castle.

Kaji Citadel

  • Qezayê Silêmanîمركز قضاء السليمانية

    Slemani (Center)

    • Silêmanî, navend (Slemani, dist. center)

    • Nahiye Bazyanناحية بازيان (Bazyan subdist.)

    • Nahiye Tanceroناحية تانجرو (Tanjaro subdist.)

    • Nahiye Bekrexoناحية بكرة جو (Bakrajo subdist.)

  • قه‌زای قه‌ره‌داغ Qezayê Qeredaxقرداغ / قرة داغ

    District of Qaradagh

    • Qeredax, navendمركز قضاء قرة داغ (Qaradagh, dist. center)

    • Nahiye Sîwsînanناحية سية سيتان (Siwisinan subdist.)

  • Qezayê Dûkan

    District of Dukan

    • دۆکان Dûkan, navendمركز قضاء دوكان (Dukan, dist. center)

    • ناحیەی سورداش Nahiye Surdaşناحية سورداش (Surdash subdist.)

    • نا‌حیەی خەلەکان Nahiye Xelekanخلكان‎ ناحية (Khelakan subdist.)

    • ناحیه‌ی چناران Nahiye Chinaran (Chinaran subdist.)

    • ناحیەی بنگرد Nahiye Bingirdناحية بنكرد (Bingrd subdist.)

    • ناحیه‌ی خدران Nahiye Xidiranناحية خدران (Khidran subdist.)

    • ناحیهی پیره‌مه‌گرون Nahiye Pîremegirûnناحية بيرة مكرون (Piramagrun subdis.)

  • قه‌زای رانیه Qezayê Raniye

    District of Ranya

    • Raniye, navendمركز قضاء رانية (Ranya, dist. center)

    • Nahiye Çiwarqurine ناحية جوار قورنة (Chwarqurna subdist.)

    • Nahiye Bêtwate ناحية بيتوانة (Betwata subdist.)

    • Nahiye Hacî Aweناحية حاجي ئاوا (Haji-Awa subdist.)

    • Nahiye Serkepikanناحية سرةكة بكان (Sarkapkan subdist.)

  • قەزای پشدەر Qezayê Pişderقضاء بشدر

    District of Pishdar

    • ناحيەی قه‌ڵادزێ Nahiye Qeladizêناحية قلعة دزا (Qeladize, dist. center)

    • ناحيەی ھەڵشۆ Nahiye Helşû ناحية هلشو (Halsho subdist.)

    • ناحيەی ھێرۆ Nahiye Hêro ناحية هيرو (Hero subdist.)

    • ناحيەی ناودەشت Nahiye Nawdeştناحية ناوه دشت (Nawdasht subdist.)

    • ناحيەی ژاراوە Nahiye Jaraweناحية ذاراو (Zharawa subdist.)

    • ناحيەی ئیسێوە Nahiye Îsîwîناحية عيسوي (Esewa subdist.)

  • قه‌زای شارباژێڕ Qezayê Şarbajêrشاربارزير

    District of Sharbazher

    • Nahiye Çiwartaناحية جوارتة

    • Nahiye Zelan (Zalan subdist.)

    • Nahiye Sîweyil (Sywail subdist.)

    • Nahiye Sîtekناحية سيتك (Sytak subdist.)

    • Nahiye Gapîlonناحية كابليون (Gapilon subdist.)

    • ناحية زة لان (Zallan subdist.)

    • ناحية سيوتيل (Siutil subdist.)

    • There was previously a ماوه‌تماوت Mawet subdistrict, but that is now its own separate district.

  • قه‌زای ماوه‌ت Qezayê Mawetقضاء ماوت

    District of Mawet

    • This district has no subdistricts. It is also transliterated to English as Mawat or Mout.

  • دەربەنديخان Qezayê Derbendîxanدربنديخان

    District of Darbandikhan

    • Derbendîxan, navendمركز قضاء دربندخان (Darbandikhan, dist. center)

    • ناحیه‌ی باوه‌ خۆشین Nahiye Bawexoşînناحية باو خوشين (Bawekhoshin subdist.)

    • There is some confusion about whether Bawexosin is a second center in a single distict.

  • قەزای چه‌مچه‌ماڵ Qezayê Çemçemalجمجمال

    District of Chemchemal

    • مركز قضاء جمجمال (Chemchemal, dist. center)

    • ناحیه‌ی شۆرشناحية شورش (Shoresh subdist.)

    • ناحیه‌ی سه‌نگاوناحية سنكاو (Sinkaw subdist.)

    • ناحیه‌ی ته‌كیه‌ناحية تكية (Takya subdist.)

    • ناحیه‌ی ئاغجه‌له‌رناحية أغجلر (Agjalar subdist.)

    • ناحية قادر كرمناحية قادر كرم (Qadr Karam subdist.)

    • ناحیه‌ی ته‌كیه‌ی جه‌باریناحية تكية جباري (Takya Jebari subdist.)

Chemchemal and Kalar were added to Slemani Governorate in the 1970s as part of the dismantling of Kirkuk Governorate.

Kelar and Chemchemal were reassigned from Kirkuk Governorate to Slemani Governorate in the 1970s, but then in 1991 the Kelar District was assigned as the center for the Garmian Administration.

On November 18, 1975, the Baath detached Kalor and Chemchemal, the two districts it had officially recognized as Kurdish, from Kirkuk province and attached them to Suleimanieh as integral parts of the “Autonomous Region.” The implication was that all the rest of Kirkuk was to be subject to Arabization. Kifri District (population 50,000), which was no less Kurdish than the other two, was attached to Diyala Province: like Khanaqin, it was to be Arabized. … With the addition of Chemchemal (57,000 inhabitants and 908 square miles) and Kalar (33,000 inhabitants and 1,071 square miles), the population of the “Autonomous Region” went up from 1,385,000 to 1,475,000 on May 1, 1975. Chaliand, 1992

There is a semi-autonomous municipality called the Raparin Administration.

They share a border with Iran at Kele.