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1963, German terror postcard



Wir protestieren auf das Schärfste gegen den blutigen Massenterror im Irak und fordern die sofortige Einstellung der Massaker und Freilassung aller inhaftierten Patrioten.

We protest strongly against the bloody mass terror in Iraq and demand the immediate cessation of the massacres and the release of all imprisoned patriots.

Published by the National Solidarity Committee of Iraq

An die
19. Tagung der
Genf (Schweiz)
Palast der Nationen

To the
19th session of the
UN Human Rights Commission
Geneva (Switzerland)
Palace of Nations

[German stamp.]
[Postmarked ]

Name: Dr. Gerhard Riese

Address: ??

This postcard appears related to the Baathi coup in , which was then in turn replaced in a Nasserist coup in .