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Museum of Ours collections

Index of the collections, and latest research. From the beginning, collecting has focused on objects with interesting histories and the potential to catalyze conversations.


2009 — 2018

Buying a few antiquities over the years, but nothing very concerted.

2018 May

Collecting began in earnest in May 2018. It started as a desire for images to use for instructional materials. Because there are so many press photos and stamps available, these were easy to find at first. I was really unsure what else is there. Over time, it became easier to sift through the hundreds of press photos and stamps that clog up search results. The shift moved toward books and postcards in 2019.

2019 Aug

Taking a break from collecting around August. It was honestly quite overwhelming. Using items, finding what excites people, and starting to exhibit.

2020 Feb

First donation

2020 May

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