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Foundation of Ours

There was a struggle when it came to deciding on the ultimate name for the Foundation. Perhaps it should be Our Foundation or something altogether different, but ultimately it was just an issue of adapting the motif to suit available domain extensions (.foundation) and something broader. The idea of a foundation sounded very durable, perhaps bringing to mind ideas of endowments, permanence, and cultural influence. And importantly, it also had many more meanings: the concept of a foundation, a physical mass upon which a building stands, the substrate upon which a community rises, and the concept of Jerusalem's bedrock as a foundation. I had alluded to Jerusalem as a foundation in an earlier seminar on Judaism, promoted the seminar using a photo of the Old City's Ottoman-era wall meeting the bedrock. The very first concept for the Foundation's logo was a large black rectangle with the wordmark above it — literally, resting upon a foundation, upon the stony base layer of Jerusalem. The final logo retains this sense of extreme solidity with a large black square, which also alludes to a plot of land upon with the Foundation will someday build.