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Rehana • ڕێحانه‌

Known as the “Angel of Kobane”, Rehana (perhaps not her real name) is a Kurdish fighter who became an icon of resistance against ISIS in Kobane, Syria. Women rose to power next to their male counterparts on the battlefield against ISIS, fighting for women’s rights that ISIS misrepresented.

Swedish journalist Carl Drott, the only foreign journalist in Kobane at the time, dispelled myths about the photos by saying that Rehana told him she was compelled to become a fighter after ISIS had killed her father. Kurdish blogger Ruwayda Mustafa stated that, “Everyone that I come across admires her because she symbolizes what everyone wants to see.”

ناسراوه‌ به‌ فریشته‌ی کۆبانی ،ڕێحانه‌ که‌ له‌وانه‌یه‌ ناوی ڕاستی نه‌بێت جەنگاوەرێکی ئافره‌تی کورده‌ که‌ دژ به‌ داعش جه‌نگاوه‌ له‌ کۆبانی سوریا ، جه‌نگاوه‌ره‌ ئافره‌ته‌کان ده‌گه‌ڵ جه‌نگاوه‌ره‌ پیاوه‌کان دژی داعش وه‌ستان بۆ ئه‌وه‌ی مافی ئافره‌ت بپارێزن که‌ داعش به‌ دروستی مامه‌ڵه‌ی پێ نه‌ده‌کرد