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Chiman Zebari • چیمه‌ن زێباری

Chiman is a Kurdish author who resides in the United States. She and her husband (famous Kurdish poet and radio personality Khalaf Zebari) became refugees in the 1970s. Not knowing a word of English when she immigrated, she is now one of the highest ranking Kurds and perhaps the first Kurd to work in the US Department of Defense. She joined and accompanied the US military many times in Iraq during the most dangerous times.

Chiman wrote an autobiography/cookbook called My Life, My Food, My Kurdistan that covers her life and her Kurdish recipes. She also contributed to the Kurdistan Tour Guide. As a rights activist, Chiman is an active voice in the Middle Eastern American community, particularly for Kurdish women.

Chiman is a supporter of the #MeToo movement. She believes that Kurdish women sharing their stories through their voices with men and women will empower women in the Middle East and globally to play a more active role in leadership and other public roles.

She has spoken at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., and on Capitol Hill in 2018. She continues to work closely with the US government to improve relations between Kurdistan and the United States. She is a mother of three and grandmother of two.

نوسه‌رێکی کورده‌ که‌ نیشته‌جێی ولایه‌ته‌ یه‌گرتووه‌کانی ئه‌مریکایه‌ ، چیمه‌ن خان به‌ درێژای چه‌ندین ساڵ کاری له‌گه‌ڵ حکومه‌تی ولایه‌ته‌ یه‌گرتووه‌کان کردووه‌ بۆ باشکردن و خۆشکردنی په‌یوه‌ندیه‌کانی نێوان هه‌رێی کوردستان وولایه‌ته‌ یه‌گرتووه‌کانی ئه‌مریکا