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Hepse Khani Naqib • حه‌پسه‌ خانی نه‌قیب

Born in Sulaimani in 1891, Hepse is known as one of the earliest Kurdish feminists who founded the first women’s school in Iraq, known as the Kurdish Women’s Association. She was known for going door to door with teachers in order to register as many girls as possible. Hepse played a significant role in the Kurdish revolt against British occupation, organizing protests in Sulaimani.

Hepse advocated for Kurdish rights and a Kurdish state by writing a letter to the League of Nations in 1930. After her death in 1953, her house was converted into a school. She continues to have a strong influence among Kurdish youth. Earlier this year, the winner of a fashion show in Sulaimani said that she based her designs on the traditional style of Hepse.

له‌دایکبووی ساڵی ۱۸۹۱ له‌ شاری سلێمانی ، سه‌رکرده‌یه‌کی فه‌مینیستی کورد بووه‌ ، که‌ ڕۆڵێکی گرنگی هه‌بووه‌ له‌ کردنه‌وه‌ی یه‌که‌م قوتابخانه‌ی کچان له‌ سلێمانی ، خانوو به‌ خانوو گه‌ڕاوه‌ بۆ ڕازی کردنی دایک و باوکه‌کان بۆ تۆمارکردنی کچه‌کانیان له‌ قوتابخانه