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Zakho Qishla • قشله‌ی زاخۆ

The fort is in the historic center overlooking the river, built from large smooth rocks and coated with gypsum. It is thought to be from the days of the Badinan Emirate.

Zakho castle and most of the village stands on an island. A small bridge leads across the south branch of the stream. Just south of it is the tomb of the Father Soldini. The castle I take to be late Arab. Octagonal tower of very fine masonry on the southeast side. Chambers within with engaged columns and caps on either side of doors and niches worked with fine Persian patterns in low relief. A good inscription in the main room, Arabic in a pattern which I could not read. 1909, Gertrude Bell

Zakho lies on an island encircled by the arm of the Khabur. We stood chatting on the old citadel walls above the river till I wandered off with Major Wilson to see the new suspension bridge he is building. 1922, Gertrude Bell


Gertrude Bell's diary,

And there are lots of photos and perhaps other mentions as well.