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1957, Reader's Digest (Iraq: Land of Rising Hope)

Issue date: September 1957; Vol. 71, No. 425

Articles, subjects and contributors in this issue,

  • First Person Award: Incident In The Sea of Japan by John E. Roche.

  • Near Life Near Death Near God by Milton Golin.

  • Do School Pupils Need Costly Palaces? by Holman Harvey.

  • Symptoms Of Being 35 by Ring Lardner.

  • Follow That Car by J. P. Mcevoy.

  • Let's Be Reasonable About Foreign Aid by Clarence B. Randall.

  • The Perfect South Sea Island by Eugene Burdick.

  • Doc Drapers Wonderful Tops by Don Murray.

  • New Look For Germany by Richard C. Hottelet.

  • The Great Fire Ant Invasion by Allen Rankin.

  • High Taxes Vs Common Sense from Newseek.

  • America's Fastest Growing Region: The Southwest by Robert O'Brien.

  • My Career In Sports by H. Allen Smith.

  • Bridge To The Sun by Gwen Terasaki.

  • The Owls In Our House by Farley Mowat.

  • Khrushchev — The Killer In The Kremlin by Eugene Lyons.

  • Yesterday Hopelessly Ill —Today Cured by Paul De Kruif.

  • The World's First Public Detective by Keith Monroe.

  • Cotton Shows The Way To Farm Prosperity by James Daniel.

  • 20th Century Conquistador — Ernesto Uruchurtu by George Kent.

  • How To Steal A Union by Lester Velie.

  • Texas Rangers Still Ride The Trail from Argosy.

  • The Night The Lights Went Out by Charlton Ogburn Jr.

  • St. Gobain's Glittering World Of Glass from Financial Times.

  • Britain's Fabulous Fleet Street by John Prebble.

  • Out Where The Old West Lives On by Leverett G. Richards.

  • The Man With The Smiling Scars by Hubert Kelley.

  • All's Quiet In Memphis by O. K. Armstrong.

  • The Age Of Open Pursuit by Jack Stone.

  • Fire Alarm Telephones Prove Their Worth by Karl Detzer.

  • Iraq — Land Of Rising Hope by Edwin Muller (original to this issue).