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Fanya Ismail • فه‌نیا اسماعیل

Fanya is the winner of the 2019 Women in Innovation Award for her invention of an environmentally friendly material to be used in disposable coffee cups. She is the first Kurdish woman to win this award, among 8 other women in competition. After studying chemistry in Kurdistan, she moved to the UK in 1995 to study her masters and PhD at the University of Manchester. She also won a monetary award of roughly $65,000 on International Women’s Day in March to further develop her business. She is currently the founder and CEO of Sol-Gel Coatings & Advanced Materials (SGMA).

یه‌که‌م ئافره‌تی کورده‌ که‌ له‌گه‌ڵ ۸ ئافره‌تی تر که‌ به‌ باشترین داهێنه‌رانی ئافره‌تی به‌ریتانیا بۆ ساڵی ۲۰۱۹ دانی پێنراوه