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Baadre • باعەدرێ • باعدرة • Baedrê

The name of Baadre comes from Aramaic: House (Bet) of the Virgin Nun (Adre). However, today there are no Christians nor even any remains of churches. Instead, the town is wholly populated by Yezidis.

Just after sunset we reach the Yesidi village of Baadri. It is situated in a little valley with a stream flowing through, and planted with green trees. It is very neat and thrifty in appearance.

Hassain Bey, to whom we have letters of introduction, receives in very gracious manner, shaking us cordially by the hand, and bidding us welcome. He is a young man of amiable and agreeable address. The village contains a population of 500.

Have a very comfortable night. In the morning our chief calls upon us and takes a cup of coffee. Then we call the Moolah, and present him with a copy of the Bible. ... He says he will read it every day, and also to the people of his village. ...

Then the Bey walks with us to a hill that overlooks the village. Here is the ruin of his father's Palace, destroyed by Raroudoz Bey. The view is beautiful. Over the plain are sixty villages of Yesidis. Prime 1859, p 266; 18-19 November 1856


Prime, 1859

Prime, Samuel Irenaeus. 1859. The Bible in the Levant: Life and Letters of the Rev. C. N. Righter, Agent f the American Bible Society in the Levant.